About Me

Hi, I’m Robert Watt

If you have come across this page, chances are at some point or another you have thought about starting your own online business and improving your overall quality of life. 

Before we get started, I should mention that if you looking to learn from someone that has a master’s degree in digital marketing and a prestigious office in a major city, I’m not your guy.  In fact, the majority of the time I spend working on my businesses these days is done primarily from the comfort of my own home.

So, whether you have zero experience or already have several successful businesses and just looking for new ideas and insights.

Let me take a moment to first thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.

I was born in Scarborough Ontario in 1986 and shortly after moved to Guelph Ontario where over the next 4 years my 2 sisters were born.

At the age of 10, my parents separated. At the time it didn’t seem like that big of a deal but looking back now, I can honestly say that this event had a significant impact on most of my relationships. It took quite a lot of self-reflection in my mid to late twenties to really move past this.  

Both of my parents remarried shortly after, so my immediate family quickly grew.

I was never the most popular kid growing up, and at times was even bullied at a young age. Because of this, my confidence took a hit and I found myself overcompensating for what I then thought were faults.

I was always very active growing up and played most major sports. This was one of the things I loved most about my childhood. Sports gave me a sense of freedom, it was something that I was very passionate about, I never went pro or anything but if I’m being honest with you, I was pretty good. 

For the most part, I did have a great childhood and thank my parents for giving me the opportunities I had.

Things weren’t always perfect, but they never are. 

And I did get myself into some trouble from time to time…but we will save those stories for another day.

After high school, I moved to London, Ontario where I attended college enrolling in a Police Foundations Program. I was never really passionate about school or a career in policing I just needed a change and to venture out on my own. My friends were moving to London, so I figured, why not go with them?

In college, I struggled to stay focused on my studies and my grades weren’t anything to write home about. In fact, I had to take classes in the summer just to graduate on time. In the end, I did receive my Diploma.

Not really wanting to get a real job and struggling to find my purpose in the world, I went out to California to visit one of my stepbrothers.

That 10-day trip turned into a few months and was one of the best experiences of my life. This is where I really started to focus on doing the things I was most passionate about and that brought me the most happiness. 

Now fast forward 6 months and at the age of 20, I found myself living in Whistler BC. What an amazing place to be if you love skiing, the mountains, and living a carefree lifestyle.

A year later again searching for purpose and meaning in life, I made the move to Vancouver. First impressions were not good. In fact, I hated it.

I was not a fan of the city but over time Vancouver grew on me and today I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.

With my education in policing, I took a position with a local security company. The hours were great and I was paid pretty well at the time, so I couldn’t complain.

In May of 2012, my beautiful daughter Sierra was born, and everything changed. I was now a proud father.

Now let me be clear having a daughter and the perfect family, you know, the nice house, white picket fence scenario was always a dream of mine and all things seemed to be heading in the right direction.

Unfortunately, that dream was short lived and less than 2 years later my I found myself going through a separation of my own.

The next few years were very difficult. I always said would never happen to me, probably because of my own parents.

I felt completely alone in the world, and that I had let my daughter down. I really struggled to find happiness in my life.

Focusing only on my career and being a dad, I thought this was the best way to get back to being ‘me’ again. As a result, I was able to climb the corporate ladder fairly quickly.

It did take its toll on me as I was working long hours, and often 7 days per week.

This where my journey into the online business world really begins.

I knew I had to find a better way and realized that I needed to take control of my life, in order to achieve all of the things I once dreamed of.

More importantly, I knew I had to switch my mindset and outlook on life in order to be the role model that my daughter needs.

I started doing my own research and reading about the success people were having establishing online businesses.

“The laptop Lifestyle”, “Financial Freedom”, “Escaping the dreaded 9-5” were all phrases that caught my attention.

I will be honest with you like many people before me, I was skeptical at first.

When I came across Stuart Ross and the Six Figure Mentors Program, which I came to learn was just as much about self-development as it was learning about creating an online business and generating passive income, I was hooked.

I really began focusing all my attention on getting back to the basics of what I really love: living a healthy active lifestyle, playing sports again and surrounding myself with positive influences.

Finally, after many years I once again had a clear vision of the direction I was heading and the things I wanted to accomplish.

Having the ability to work where and when I want, with no limit on my earning potential, and the ability to create something meaningful for myself and my daughter was something that I could achieve along as I was committed.

So, with all that in mind, you might be thinking…

So how does this help me? 

Well, quite simply I don’t know if it will.

What I can say is that if you are serious about creating a better life for yourself and for your family, I will do everything I can to help you on your journey as I know I couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without the support of the relationships I have formed developing my business.

You will always have ups and downs in life, but the good times more often far outweigh the bad for me now.  

Taking control of my life, my finances, and having the ability to work where I want, when I want and with who I want has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself.

I encourage everyone who is looking more fulfillment, enjoyment, and satisfaction in life to pursue an online business around their passions.

I feel lucky to now have the opportunity to be able to share my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned over the years to help educate others on becoming the strongest versions of themselves.

Sharing my experience, and the things I have learned is something I look forward to every day, with the hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Sure, there are hard times when you’re first starting out. Believe me, I know. I went through them. But always remember one thing: You only really fail when you decide to give up. As long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Thank you again for taking the time to allow me to tell my story. Feel free to reach out anytime. I’m here to help.

Picture of Me and Sierra at the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Game